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Favorite Single song performance ever

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Probably http://youtu.be/2Un8MPY2Q7I. Gives me chills everytime.

We have the best crowd here in Argentina, by difference :headbang:

Thank god I was able to see them the three times they came here ('10, 13' and '14), but i'd kill for seeing them all toghether for a last time :heart:

That Nightrain was awesome though

GREAT ONE! The band still had its moments back in 1993...

Amazing how Gilby sounds confortable (and good) on that small solo session that he plays.

Axl seems to be very much into the song, which was rare back then, he always seemed to be on autopilot and full of misery in the 1992-1993 period.

The crazy crowd reminds me of Brazil crowds in the 90s. We were kinda like that here back then. Tickets used to cost around US$ 30 and you could see all kinds of people in the rock shows, and only the craziest ones had the will and the (phisical) strenght to stay close to the stage.

Now tickets cost US$ 100-200 dollars and there is always a VIP area close to the stage. Poor rich people...

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