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Bon Scott vs. Brian Johnson


Bon Scott vs. Brian Johnson  

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powerage will always be my favorite ac/dc album.

Live in Paris is better :P

Powerage is great no doubt about it. But I always lean more towards High Voltage, Dirty Deeds, and Highway. Highway to Hell is really the prequel to Back in Black, very similiar sound/production, plenty of hits, so I understand why it gets down graded by the fans. But without the success of Highway, Back in Black never does what it does, it completely profited from Highway's success.

I think we all agree Let There Be Rock is probably the worst of the Bon albums, I never see people praising it much, so let's just assume its the worst. But why not a lot of love for High Voltage and Dirty Deeds? High Voltage will always be special to me, that's the album that made me fall in love with Bon Scott AC/DC, before I bought that album, I only knew the Brian Johnson stuff. That CD stayed in my truck cd player for months straight it seemed like. I love every song on it. Dirty Deeds is another overlooked gem imo. IMO, that album balances the early sound of the Bon Scott era, with the big stadium rock band they became. It's the perfect middle man really. Plus it has its hits, Dirty Deeds, Big Balls, and Ride On are all AC/DC classics imo. Plus it has Squeler, which IMO is the best AC/DC song that most people have never heard. I would put Squeler up against anything Powerage has to offer.

Don't get me wrong, I love Powerage as well, What's next to the moon and Sin City are a couple of my favorite AC/DC songs period. But I have never quite understood the praise that album recieves, it's good yes, but not as good as the others (except LTBR) imo.

My Bon Scott rank would be:

1. Dirty Deeds (perfect mix of old AC/DC with the stadium rock band they became)

2. Highway To Hell (Stadium rock band is born, but they do it perfectly here)

3. High Voltage (early AC/DC at their best)

4. Powerage (rocks from start to finish, but no real hits)

5. Let There Be Rock (I love Rosie and the title track, but the least consistant of the Bon albums)

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