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Wisconsin Man Suffers 100 Unwanted Orgasms A Day


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“Depending on where you’re at, if you’re in public, if you’re in front of kids, if you’re around strangers, I mean it can make a person break real fast,” he said. “When you’re on your knees at your father’s funeral at his casket, and you’re saying goodbye to him, and then you have nine orgasms right there while your whole family is standing behind you, you never want to have another orgasm as long as you live. But you know what? They just keep on coming.”


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Lol I just watched the video. Bahahaha.

It seems like this guy is mainly suffering from guilt about having an orgasm. Probably raised super religious or something.

Dude just fucking relax man. He's like those annoying loud guys in porn. Calm the fuck down. I hope he was just playing it up for the camera. Getting on the ground like that...lol fucking chill.

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That's what I was wondering, Drama :lol:

I've once seen a woman on tv once who had that condition. It may sound funny at first, but it must be horrible.

Same. I remember seeing a documentary about it. It's hard to have a normal life with work, friends, family, etc. when you have to take a break and be alone for a few minutes all the time.
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So when you say Wisconsin, you really mean that part of Michigan that's in Wisconsin.

- and when you say man, you really mean hippo.

- and when you say suffers from, you really mean enjoys.

And when you say unwanted, you really mean luckiest guy alive.

Michigan hippo enjoys 100 luckiest guy alive orgasms.

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Oh my God, I feel terrible for laughing at this. "I was on my knees at my fathers funeral, at his casket, and I have 9 orgasms, right there, with my whole family.... and you know what? They just keep on coming." :lol: :lol: Fuck me....

Heeey, I was gonna point that out! :( Freakin' joke stealer :P But yes, it is terribly funny and sad. But mostly funny, haha.

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