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Of all the covers Guns has done, which is the best?

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Tie Your Mother Down was an oasis in the 1992 "auto-pilot desert"

Jumpin' Jack Flash acoustic is at least 18 time better than the original

Knockin' on Heaven's Door is so good both studio (Days of Thunder) and Live (Ritz 1988 a favourite)

Down on the Farm is an absolute killer!

Piece of Me with GAK is really good... Axl turns an OK song into a really fantastic one!

Free Falling with Tom Petty is a masterpiece, I think Tom Petty must have felt "humbled" by Axl unbelievable vocals and stunning delivery (yeah baby I'm freeeeee yeah yeah yeah yeah!)

Jumpin Jack Flash on the Camp Freddy gig with Izzy on vocals is so great!

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Historically speaking, it would either be Live and Let Die or KOHD cause those songs were both really big hits for them. It would be foolish to ignore the impact of their version of KOHD.

But if you're asking what our PERSONAL favorites are? Hmmm. I might have to agree with "It's Alright." Just something so dope about Axl alone at the piano.

OH, and I reallllly loved their "Dead Flowers" from the Skin N Bones tour too.

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Human Being

That songs sacreligious!

On topic:

Since I Don't Have You

Jumpin Jack Flash

Whole Lotta Rosie

Thats about it.

as are Since I Don't Have You and Jumpin Jack Flash!

True but they're pretty straightforward and lend themselves to Gunses abilities whereas the whole quality of Human Being by The Dolls was it had their sort of runaway freight trains, barely-held-together-by-a-string-but-just-making-it kinda quality to it that is absolutely deadened by the polish and sheen of TSI. I reckon anyway :)

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