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Twin Peaks returns (Confirmed)

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Twin Peaks’ Season 4: Mark Frost Is Considering Making New Episodes, Showtime ‘Musing as Well’ — Exclusive

David Lynch's long-time writing partner said he hasn't decided yet if he'll do another season, but it's an open question he is considering.


David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks” co-creator Mark Frost said today that he hasn’t decided yet if the show will come back for a fourth season, but it is something that is being considered.

“I haven’t decided yet,” said Frost in an interview with IndieWire. “I think it’s still an open question and it’s one that we’re looking at and one that I think Showtime is musing as well.”

Back in September, Lynch said that he hadn’t ruled out a fourth season. He told a crowd at the Belgrade Culture Centre in Serbia, where his photos were being exhibited, that it was too early to say anything and teased that a new season may entirely depend on how long it takes to develop.

Frost and Lynch’s close working relationship and friendship dates back 30 years, as Frost — responsible for more of the mythology and narrative world of “Twin Peaks” than he’s sometimes given credit for — is as integral to the show’s creation as Lynch himself. It was Frost, back in 2012, who came up with the initial idea of how the duo could revisit the world of the show more than two decades after it went off the air.

“The anchor [for ‘Twin Peaks: The Return’] and starting point came from the moment we revisited the last episode of the original show,” said Frost. “Cooper’s dilemma of when Good Cooper trapped Bad Cooper [both played by Kyle MacLachlan] out and that weirdly prescient line of the spirit of Laura’s whispering to Cooper, ‘I will see you again in 25 years.’ That was the springboard to the story and that is where I saw the opening to bring us back and that is what I proposed to David when we got back together in 2012 and said this is where we can pick up the thread.”

It was an idea that set into motion a nonstop and tireless four-and-half years for Lynch in writing the show with Frost, then shooting and editing the 18 episodes. It’s an enormous commitment, and one that Frost says neither he nor Lynch takes lightly.

“It’s something you have to think long and hard about,” said Frost. “We’ll make the decision when the time is right. There certainly is no sense of urgency about it.”

Frost’s second book about the show, “Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier” comes out Tuesday, October 31. This weekend he will take part in the Screenwriting Conference at the Austin Film Festival, where on Saturday one of the panels is “A Conversation with Mark Frost.”

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This is going to be like my Star Wars nerd out. I can get drunk and walk backwards like bobby again.  The weirdest thing about this show is my parents used to make us watch it as part of our educ

Watch “Twin Peaks” Characters Return 25 Years Later in New Trailer (ALL NEW FOOTAGE) http://pitchfork.com/news/72110-watch-twin-peaks-characters-return-25-years-later-in-new-trailer/ “Twin P

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2 hours ago, Jabberwocky said:

Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier (Complete Audiobook)

Lot of answers revealed so I understand why none of this was included in season 3. It would have tipped their hand to where they were gonna go.


Can you tell us what answers were given? My English is not "amazing" so I may miss a lot of important stuff

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Twin Peaks season 4 could air very soon... or in "10 years"

David Lynch works in his own time.


The return of Twin Peaks was something we never thought we'd see, and when it did eventually emerge, we assumed it would be a final send-off – but it turns out that there is plenty of room for more.

When more will happen, though, is anybody's guess.

Speaking to Slashfilm at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, actor Kyle MacLachlan said: "David (Lynch)'s process is his own. He will come to it if he comes to it, in his own time.

"That could be 10 minutes, it could be 10 years. I don't know.

"If we do decide to go again I would be absolutely excited to revisit doing it again. Those characters are always fascinating."

Showtime President David Nevins also said that he won't ask Lynch when more could be coming, which we can all agree is a good thing. You don't want to rush genius/madness.

Lynch, for his part, has previously said that "there's nothing to talk about", but afterwards noted that he's learned not to rule anything out and cryptically said there is "always room to dream" – although it might be a bit too soon to work on more.

If you want more Twin Peaks though, you can pick up The Final Dossier, a novel written by Mark Frost, who co-created the brilliantly weird franchise.

Twin Peaks: The Return is available to buy now on Blu-ray and DVD.


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‘Twin Peaks’: David Lynch Asks and Answers Trivia on Part 18 — ‘This Is the Ending’

After screening the final hour of Showtime's limited series, David Lynch, Kyle MacLachlan, and Laura Dern clarified a few points about "The Return."


Ever since David Lynch ended his return trip to “Twin Peaks” with a finale that’s up for interpretation, fans have been clamoring to know two things: What does it mean, and will there be more?

At the Showtime limited series’ FYC event Wednesday night, the typically close-mouthed Lynch held true to his beliefs, but he did provide a few insights into the ending that had just screened for Emmy voters.

When asked by moderator (and self-confessed super fan) Andy Greenwald if he knew this was the ending and if he was writing toward this ending, Lynch replied quickly.

“This is the ending,” he said.

“You knew this was the ending?” Greenwald asked.

“This is the ending,” Lynch said. “It’s right there. You all just saw the ending.”

Whether that means Lynch is writing off the possibility for Season 4 remains unclear, as the director used most of his time on the 45-minute panel to praise his actors. Lynch said playing “five or six” characters was a “walk in the park” for his talented leading man.

“I was never told [I’d be playing more than one role],” Kyle MacLachlan said. “They just said, ‘This is what you’re going to do, [and] we’re going to pay ya for one,” he said with a laugh.

For “Part 18,” Lynch said he kept some things out of the script he gave MacLachlan early on. “Like most of my dialogue,” MacLachlan said. Lynch admitted “there was a lot of secrecy” on set, but credited his cast for being able to handle anything he threw at them.

For Laura Dern, who took on the much-discussed but hitherto never-seen role of Diane, she said there were only two things she needed to tap into the character’s spirit.

“My enjoyment of the word ‘fuck,’ and my desire to smoke cigarettes,” Dern said.

Lynch said the only word he could use to describe his cast’s talent and personas was love, and that feeling was reflected back not only in the glowing words, but in who showed up for the screening. In addition to Dern and MacLachlan, one of the infamous “woodsmen” was in the audience, as was Christophe Zajac-Denek, who played Ike “The Spike” Stadtler, and a few other members.

The trio also took a moment to remember those from the cast who have passed away. Lynch slowly listed a slew of names, including Warren Frost, Catherine Coulson, and Michael Parks, but he paused to talk about Miguel Ferrer, who played Lynch’s character’s FBI partner, Albert.

“Albert has since passed away,” Lynch said. “This is so sad. And in the world of ‘Twin Peaks,’ Gordon Cole is pretty much devastated.”

When David Bowie’s Agent Phillip Jeffries was mentioned, Lynch was quick to clarify the character’s new being seen in “The Return.”

“It’s not a tea kettle,” he said. “It’s a machine. I actually sculpted that shape, and people see it as a tea kettle, but it’s a machine. If you want to see it as that, that’s fine, too.”

Greenwald said that revelation was “breaking news” as far as he was concerned, and Lynch kicked off the panel with another piece of trivia. Right as he took the stage, the director asked the crowd, “Whose bathrobe is that?”, referring to the pink robe Dern was wearing in the picture displayed behind him

After a few wrong guesses, someone yelled “Lucy’s,” to which Lynch said, “That’s right.” (They’re referring, of course, to the sheriff’s receptionist, Lucy Brennan.)

So it turns out there are some questions the ambiguous auteur is willing to answer.


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On 9/6/2018 at 12:39 PM, ChineseDemocracy2004 said:

I rewatched the finale recently since it's been a year since it aired.

I still can't decide what happened.

Don't worry, there's like 10 thousand different theories and thinkpieces done about it. Nobody can decide what really happened :lol: I think we can be in agreement that he saves Laura from being killed but the answers in the show and in Final Dossier book are different. In the book,


Laura she is saved from being killed but she still ends up disappearing on the night she was supposed to die. Never to been seen again. While Tammy, Cole, Albert, etc are in Twin Peaks, once the confrontation between that kid with the green glove (Freddie) and KillerBOB is over you'll see that once that stlll shot of Cooper pops up and he says "we live inside of a dream" a part in book will mention that and Tammy will say that Cole, Cooper, and Diane" all disappeared right before her eyes. This is what happens during the other side of the final ending. Basically once the FBI is about to leave Twin Peaks is when Tammy finds out that "Twin Peaks the town" has some sort of memory issues.

It does have potential Season 4 written all over it I can see why they might have went this route as a one and done. I also think that in all of those 25 years do you that neither The Black Lodge or The White Lodge has not used him as a pawn or pong ball to play agent too? I actually think Coop sees the "Richard and Linda" invented storyline as his way out after all of those years. Dougie just a long fuse for the A Bomb and Carrie was the flame. It's a suicide mission that Dale forgot to repay.



On 9/7/2018 at 3:25 PM, dontdamnmeuyi2015 said:

Well if Twin Peaks does come back, I hope it's more like the original TV show than the cable series. I think David Lynch went too far with the cable series.

You can be weird, but have a good storyline too.

I missed Billy Zane. I thought he would be back too.

If it returns, I will give it a shot.

If S3 is any indicator then it'll never go back to the original. I knew that going into this that this was gonna be different. Really the only 2 glaring problems are the dropped storylines and the poorly executed ending. Maybe you'll get your Billy Zane fix if they decided to turn that version of TP into some kind of pocket universe :P

It was weird and it had storyline but that never mattered in the first place cause "we live inside a dream." I think what could have been implemented, during this season, is suggestion of memory loss actually changing physically. If they would have filmed some of the later stuff from The Final Dossier and inserted it throughout the series and into the ending, I think it would make the original ending we got less anticlimactic and more people would know what a good ending is supposed to be, especially if this was supposed to have been a limited series.

A season 4 would be welcomed but if they're going to continue to take Twin Peaks down more of the Inland Empire/cobbled together unsold scripts direction then I'm not as down for that. But I know S4 will be different than S3, I guarantee it.

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'Twin Peaks' Season 4 Rumors Abound, Could It Be Happening Again?


In an episode of Twin Peaks that originally aired in 1990, a mysterious entity known as The Giant (Carel Struycken) warns FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) "It is happening again." As with everything in Twin Peaks, cryptic signs, intuition and paranormal intervention shapes the world more than concrete facts, so it's appropriate that rumors of Twin Peaks' return arrive in the same form: enigmatic hints, obscure winks and secret whispers that may point to a coming Twin Peaks Season 4.

While nothing official has been announced about a potential Twin Peaks Season 4, multiple anonymous tips and rumors suggest something is in the offing, beginning with an anonymous rumor from the Hollywood Horror Museum. "Someone we know who is 'in the know' just let something very Interesting slip about the future of Twin Peaks," the account tweeted Friday. "We don't want to get anyone in trouble (for being stupid enough to tell us!) so we can't say more until THEY do, but this isn't just a rumor."

The account claimed "long time followers of our page know our connections with the Twin Peaks cast, crew, studio etc.," but offered no other details or insight into its anonymous source. The rumor picked up serious steam on Monday, with We Got This Covered citing its own reliable anonymous sources to claim that a deal to bring back Twin Peaks for another season is in the works at Showtime, the network that aired the critically beloved Twin Peaks: The Return in 2017.

That's it for material claims regarding the return of Twin Peaks for a Season 4, but in true White Lodge spirit, Moviehole dug up another potential augury on Twin Peaks actor Michael Horse's Instagram page. Horse played Deputy Hawk of the Twin Peaks Police Department in all three seasons of Peaks. While his account is dedicated more to climate activism and cute cats than his acting career, Horse's latest post seems to be directed at rumors of Twin Peak's return:

On Tuesday, MacLachlan dropped a hint of his own, describing how he's been "thinking about... donuts this morning" — the most obvious hint yet that a real Twin Peaks announcement could be in the offing.

Perhaps the combination of anonymous tips, rumors and hints isn't enough to confirm that Twin Peaks will return, but it certainly seems more likely now than it did after Season 3's shocking and fairly conclusive final episode.

But even if a renewed Twin Peaks is in the offing, it's unlikely to come together quickly. Twin Peaks co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost spent several years writing the massive script for Twin Peaks: The Return (which was written as a single story, rather than individual episodes).

Nor is it clear what Twin Peaks Season 4 would even be about, since BOB was defeated at the end of Season 3. The possibility of taking on the godlike evil of Judy (or Jowday) would be a daunting prospect, even for Agent Cooper, since Twin Peak's ultimate evil seems able to rewrite reality itself. Still, in the two years since Twin Peaks: The Return, Lynch has hinted at the possibility of a fourth season on multiple occasions, suggesting there's still more to tell about Carrie Page (Sheryl Lee), a waitress who may or may not be an alternate dimension's Laura Palmer, the murder victim whose death set all of Twin Peaks in motion.

After the success of Twin Peaks: The Return, it would be natural for the various Twin Peaks stakeholders to want more, but is this constellation of rumors more than wishful thinking? Could it be happening again?


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15 hours ago, aliexpress said:

@Jabberwocky you beat me to it mate! Was just about to comment and tag you!

I really hope it's less disappointing than The Return, for me anyway, I understand it's a divisive topic. I've been meaning to give it a rewatch and see if I like it better. 

As an aside, I appreciate what you do on tpb 😁

The rumors started a few days ago and with all of the cryptic shit, If there wasn't any meat to this rumor, it would have been squashed already. It could be another season but shorter or another film. With all of the different locations used besides Twin Peaks itself, it has expanded into world building. They could even do spin offs if they wanted to. I've given it a rewatch or three and it all starts to gel together. It still is interpretive but I've found out what makes sense to me. 

Also you're welcome on TPB :P Somebody's gotta do it :lol:


3 hours ago, dontdamnmeuyi2015 said:

Well, since it ended in a cliffhanger, it would be cool to see it again. 

I would love to see Billy Zane come back and be with Sheryl Finn again. 

Anyway, if it does come back, I would watch it.

It's all in how you look at it if you wanna consider it a cliff hanger or not. To me when Cooper says "what year is this?" It's not a closed sentence. He's stuck in mid-thought. You could say Carrie/Laura's scream is what destroys Judy. I've never bought that interpretation.

You can forget about Billy Zane ever coming back. I'd say even Sherilyn Fenn arc is done and over with. The shipping of them, even back then, was rushed. Not a fan of it. Besides Lynch said he hated everything about season 2. The man has completely abandoned any type of linear narrative and has since Lost Highway and has completely off the rails when he made Inland Empire. If this goes forward, I'll bet you it'll be like The Return but more bat shit.

Edited by Jabberwocky
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9 hours ago, Jabberwocky said:

The rumors started a few days ago and with all of the cryptic shit, If there wasn't any meat to this rumor, it would have been squashed already. It could be another season but shorter or another film. With all of the different locations used besides Twin Peaks itself, it has expanded into world building. They could even do spin offs if they wanted to. I've given it a rewatch or three and it all starts to gel together. It still is interpretive but I've found out what makes sense to me. 

I agree, it's happening again... I'd prefer a film I think in a similar vein to FWWM, or potentially a few tele films. I bought the blu ray just to complete the collection but haven't watched it yet. So can you explain to me what the fuck happened??!! 

I know you like your filmaking, check out moment lenses, I got the anamorphic just to make my phone vids look better and it's pretty good for a mobile lens. 

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14 hours ago, aliexpress said:

I agree, it's happening again... I'd prefer a film I think in a similar vein to FWWM, or potentially a few tele films. I bought the blu ray just to complete the collection but haven't watched it yet. So can you explain to me what the fuck happened??!! 

I know you like your filmaking, check out moment lenses, I got the anamorphic just to make my phone vids look better and it's pretty good for a mobile lens. 

Let's hope something is happening again and not have it be something like a VR game or something I have no interest in. Now as for what the fuck happened? My interpretation was while BOB/Evil Cooper was out, a sickness occurred. Look at the scene where Hawk and Truman are looking at the living map. BOB/Evil Cooper wanted the coordinates to The White Lodge because Judy was in Sarah Palmer. Time was being messed with, which is why there are all of these, figuratively speaking, Easter egg glitches. Once the doppelganger Cooper was destroyed, time was going forwards and backwards to 2:53. Cooper wanted to make things right and go back in time to save Laura. When he finds her out in the woods and goes to "take her home", Judy yanks her away and puts her in a pocket dimension.

When Diane and Cooper cross over at the 430 mile marker (from where I don't know) they go back to after the atomic bomb blast. When he and Diane have a "sex ritual" is where things really get weird and very interpretive. When Cooper leaves the next morning, his car and the motel he stayed at were different. We also get the "Richard and Linda" note left behind. I firmly believe he is not Richard as I think he is sharing a dream between "a Richard" and Laura (now known as Carrie Page). Notice her reaction when Coop says "You have a mother named Sarah". I think this is what Laura would have become if she did not die, but right now is in a state of stasis. I think when they finally arrive at the Palmer house and it turns out it was owned by the Tremonds and the Chalfonts. Cooper is lost in though, Carrie hears Sarah saying "Laura" and she screams then the lights go out. I don't think Judy would be destroyed as much as it's Carrie realizing who she really is and the scream is her coming from her dream and back to her harsh reality as Laura.

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Posted (edited)

This is very interesting. Looks like there WILL be either a season 4 or movie, as soon as the pandemic is over. I've also heard rumblings that Lynch has been continually working on this even  while season 3 was still airing. Also heard the announcement was going to be made at a TP fest at Graceland of all places before they had to cancel it due to COVID. The wording of "continuing story" is what he calls Twin Peaks. That and you don't have actors and everybody else involved sign a 5 year NDA clause if S3 was truly the end.

David Lynch: ‘I’d Be Making a Film or Continuing Story’ Right Now If Not for Lockdown




David Lynch issued a cryptic tease in July about a new film or television project in development, telling The Daily Beast, “There might be things coming along that would mean less time could be spent on [my YouTube] channel.” During lockdown, the director has issued daily weather reports, among other videos, on YouTube. Lynch offered no other details of the teased project at the time, but now he’s gone ahead and confirmed he’d most likely be directing a new movie if not for lockdown. With that said, Lynch remains a big fan of the isolation that comes with being in lockdown.

“I’m in isolation and I love isolation,” Lynch said during a recent video interview with PCS Literary Magazine. “I’m not able to make things but I’m able to paint and work on sculpture and work on my YouTube channel. It’s pretty great. I really kind of like isolation.”

When asked if a new film would be on his docket if there was no pandemic or lockdown, Lynch responded, “I don’t know for sure, but I’d probably be making a film or continuing story.”

Rumors of a new Lynch project have been circulating for quite some time. Lynch’s last feature project was “Inland Empire,” released in 2006. Following that film, Lynch returned to the world of “Twin Peaks” for the Showtime limited series “The Return.” The filmmaker has not announced any new feature films or television projects since “Twin Peaks: The Return” wrapped its run in September 2017.

Lynch did not elaborate on what he means by “continuing story,” but that tidbit is sure to increase speculation around a fourth season of his beloved “Twin Peaks.” Rumors over potential new episodes exploded in October 2019, but there’s been no official word on the matter. “Twin Peaks” star Kyle MacLachlan told IndieWire earlier this year he’d be open to reprising his role of Cooper, but had only this to tease about a return: “That is in the mind of David Lynch, where it will stay hidden.”

As Lynch fans continue to wait for confirmation on his next project, they can continue to watch new Lynch content on the director’s YouTube Channel. The filmmaker continues to update the page with his daily weather report videos, and he’s added a new web series to the collection courtesy of “Today’s Number Is…,” in which Lynch picks a raffle number at random.

Watch Lynch’s full interview with the PCS Literary Magazine in the video below.



Edited by Jabberwocky
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16 minutes ago, dontdamnmeuyi2015 said:

Well, since we are in the middle of a pandemic, I don't think now would be a good time to film yet.

Either way it would be cool to see Twin Peaks continue. Unfortunately, Peggy Lipton has died, so her story is over, but it was a happy ending.

Well see that's the thing. He's been filming "something" even before the pandemic. Nobody knows what it is because Lynch is a very vague person. He denied all of the rumors about a S3 when the Blu-Ray box set of the original S1&2 came out and then dropped the news there was gonna be a S3 not more than a month after that set was released. He's also known to overshoot everything and shoots things without anybody knowing. It took him 3 years to do Inland Empire and he did it all under the radar.

The fact that he is no longer saying "Twin Peaks is as dead as a door nail" like he did back in the late 90'searly 2000's gives me hope that he is still thinking about it. Twin Peaks is a very hot intellectual property and there's no way it'll be abandoned permanently.

Yes and while Peggy Lipton is gone, with a lot of the other OG cast as well, I think their stories are over. They're not needed. But in my mind we have a good jumping off point because episode 17 was "it's end" and episode 18 "it's new beginning/a back door pilot"  And if you're going to use any of the OG cast, use the ones who were not in S3.

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