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Best overproduced UYI song

Charlie Underbite

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There are two major overproduction problems in UYI:

1. Axl's overwrought cheesy vocal quirks, from the Chester cheetah thing to the idiotic speeches to the flanged multi tracking.

2. Dizzy and his plink-plonk saloon olde time western piano. It's childish and just doesn't fit; it's like having a mentally retarded monkey smear his own excrement all over a freshly painted Rembrandt.

Dizzy's Piaono playing on UYI is very well, though I like Axl's more. I mean piano parts like on NR, Estranged, Civil War and 14 Years.

I'd go with KOHD.

It could be a great cover. Just Sad for such a great song like that to be ruined by the stupidest overdubs ever made in Rockmusic.

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I pretty much agree with duga.

I'm sure there are some songs that could be without it, but its just so in the album I don't notice anymore. Like, it'd be weird to me now if they weren't there. I just listened to both records so I can't do it now, but if I were to give them a listen I could pick out examples for you.

Off the top of my head I remember always thinking the Axl talk during the end of Back Off Bitch is unnecessary, the "alright that sucked" at the end of Don't Damn Me, the sample in Knockin' On Heaven's Door with the telephone conversation, the stuff in Breakdown. But like I said, I can't picture the album without them. They are just noticeably odd additions. But I love the "something everyone has to take in in their own special way" and "alright that sucked" in those songs. I'd miss them if they weren't there. But I do wonder what the significance of those little things were. Like, why did you need the sample? Why did the end of those songs need those little vocal things? Seems like he just kept adding onto songs that didn't need these things, but unlike Chinese Democracy, they weren't too intrusive and ended up being funny little things.

I think its different with two songs: Coma and Get In The Ring. They are overproduced to the max, but thats kind of what they were supposed to be. All the sounds is what make Coma the epic it is, and Get In The Ring I think was always meant to be this kind of silly overproduction. And they do so much of it that, for me, it makes the song work. Cause its a kick ass song instrumentally, and then I find myself more laughing at the other parts, but its so overdone that you get into it. Like a bad movie being so bad its actually good.

I guess if I had to pick the worst use of overproduction, it would maybe be Garden Of Eden with all that silly stuff, or Locomotive with all the layered vocals, which end up working but I never quite understood why you need the one vocal, then high harmony, then low vocal. Same with the chorus of Dust And Bones for that matter. Again it works, but I never understood the significance of that low vocal.

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