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Friends: The Movie (2015) [FAKE]


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Plank :lol: 'They're baaaaack' :lol:

On a side note I despise that television show and i think the entire cast deserves to be put to death...slapped to death with Howard Cossells toupee.

I'd like to slap Jennifer Aniston to death with my cock.

I'm just putting that out there :shrugs:

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Couldn't be more fake, and I don't think they really try to pass it off as real. Just an homage, for which they actually do a pretty good job. The Tom Selleck clip made me LOL and thats how I think you can tell its made by a real fan. The Janice part was pretty funny too.

Overall, for the joke it is, it really isn't terrible. Mostly just combining the few times they've appeared onscreen since the end of the show. What I liked is Ross is barely in it cause Schwimmer has done almost zero acting since the end of the show lol.

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