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Isn't Guns N' Roses more of a brand than a band?


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What new record?

The one Axl is looking to release. The one he supposedly destroyed the old band to make for the money. The cash cow, the one only GNR money making machine, CD II.

Albums aren't money making machines for the artist.

There are CD leftovers, not a new album. And the industry doesn't want anything to do with it or Axl anymore. The nostalgic act is all that's left and he's content with that, it seems. Can't totally blame him for accepting that he's not the golden goose anymore. At least do it right, with the right guys.

I was being sincere.

Axl seems to think its an album, the second half of CD. 30 songs in 2006? Axl seemed to be talking about CD 2 and the remix coming out.

But yeah I don't see the label falling over themselves to get it out.

The Blu ray just came out. So that delays anything. But it could be seen as the end of CD era.

I could see some of the songs popping up on a new album with Dj songs even. Like what happened with UYI. But could happen in 2020-30.

I feel like CD2/Remix could happen in our lifetime. Starting a new record we might have get cryogenically frozen like Han Solo.

Now or Never.

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Break up letter to Axl

Dear Axl,

Your "wait for nothing" game is tired and played out. There is no mystery anymore. You're done. And by the way, fuck you. You are just as full of shit as the rest of GnR. You sound like shit. Just give it up, Axl. Your little plan didn't work. You should have just stayed in your little mansion and never bothered with your stubborn attempt at vindication. You just wasted everyone's time. You talk shit out of both sides of your mouth and continuously "bite the hand that feeds" you. Clearly, you've given up on creativity and are enjoying life traveling the world. Don't pretend to have a vision of anything other than another greatest hits tour with your band.

I'll treasure the memories.

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