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UK subs stepping down as admin


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Hey, you've earned some time for non-digital life man! ;) Hope to see you join in on the madness again soon, but for now focus on the stuff that's more important and good luck with all of it! No doubt the place is in good hands! :)

Thanks for everything oldtimer! ;)

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Well, shoot. It sucks that you're stepping away, but at the same time, it's great because I'm sure that reduces your stress level a huge ton. Hope you enjoy all the additional time man, good luck with any future endeavors as well :)

But uhh... Not killing each other may pose an issue for some.

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Seriously though, thank you so much for everything Subsy. I have loved you dictatorsh- I mean your ideas since you took the reigns in 2011 and you have always been awesome to me. I really appreciate everything you, Chris, the mod team, and everyone else has done and contributed on here. My friends think I am crazy for loving this place, but it means a lot to me. It has nothing to do with GNR, I just really like our community and you have been a big part of that. I really hope you stick around and thank you for stepping up these past few years! I am sad I have only contributed $5 to your New York vacation fund, but I hope my future contributions will allow Forsaken and ER to buy lots of fun things like drugs and booze!

Anyways, you kick ass Subsical


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Partner in crime. Thankyou for everything you did for the community Subs - regardless of any mistakes you think you made along the way, I (and everyone else) know that your heart was in the right place.

This place would have died a long time ago without Subsy... So thankyou for keeping this place alive, and all the best to ER, Forsaken and the team - I know the place is in excellent hands. :)

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