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The Hangover/I'm an Alcoholic Thread

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I went with the Free Flow Champagne, Wine, Beer deal. They cut me off after 2 hours. I'm not sure they knew who they we're dealing with. 

I did something stupider. I was cooking bacon and I took the bin out. Forgot it was self locking door. I tried to kick it down but some how broke my foot. So I was crawling down stairs to get them to

If it makes you feel any better i drank a prodigious amount of Bacardi (more than a big bottle to myself, i lost count how much) and smoked a couple of bags of skunk with my cousin and woke up fully c

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Ive switched to one gallon brewing and Im loving it! Just tried a sip from a batch i brewed a few weeks ago. Exquisite!

In small batches one can risk more experimentation. I used bread yeast and am happy with that too!

- purified water

- bread yeast

- foraged stinging nettles

- Briess light DME

20 minute boil, ready to bottle in 1-2 weeks. Bottle conditioned within the month.

Some of those in UK who've revived the Hedgerow brewing traditions swear by adding Tang crystals. I happen to have some and can see how it might be helpful to try next time.

7 pints for about $10! ABV ended up slightly higher than same recipe with ale yeast, so also slightly drier. The bread yeast imparts some spicy notes (ethers). I like spicy ethers and I like drier ales. But not both qualities together so much. Still enjoying it though!

And had my experimental recipe been shit, Id toss it down the drain and just be out $10 and about 45 minutes (spread over a month). Im never going back to 6 gallon batches!

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I've never tried Hennessy to date, and I think it'll happen today. Not that I have loads of money to afford to buy such a goody, especially these days, but what the hell. 

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