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The love/sex/relationship thread


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On 5/26/2015 at 11:59 AM, ZoSoRose said:

I am going to sound like a really old man or one of those annoying "ohmygod!mygenerationissostupid!!!" people in this rant so here goes,

Here in Detroit there is a big techno/edm/whatever festival every year called DEMF or Movement or something. Some of you may have heard about it. This year I was dragged to it on Sunday. The chick I'm dating has gone for the past 4 years and wanted me to go for at least one day. Since I was broke she at least paid for most of the day. I've always been a bit of a music snob, but I have gotten a lot more open minded over the years (especially this past year). Still, I like loud guitars, and melodies, and instruments. Whatever, I went into this with an open mind.

We got there early, so it wasn't too crowded. I've been to festivals before- Lollapalooza, Metallica's Orion festival, and small ones like Uproar and Detroit's Motor and Music festival- so I knew what to expect, a bunch of merch and food stalls, different stages everywhere, gimmick tents, the works. I have never really been to an electronic thing before.

I guess I had a little fun so I will talk about that first. Here are some pros- it was a new experience so that can be a good thing. One part was cool cause we had a good, elevated spot, and were dancing with like a cool view of a iight show and the river and shit. That was kind of fun, but I got bored of that in 40 minutes and we were in that spot for like 3 hours. I also had some really good (but over priced) chicken fingers. That was pretty neat. Grinding is also kind of stupid and for horny teenagers imo, but whatever, that was fine for a bit. There was some good eye candy there too with the women. Still, my favorite part was the chicken tenders.

Now for the cons- I thought it'd be people playing keyboard or some shit like that, like that crazy electronic music with the weird robot-animal noises. I don't like that stuff, but its at least "interesting". Nope. The whole fucking day was literally the same god damn shit. 16 hours of monotonous, loud, empty, meaningless shit. The same fucking tempo- "do dododo do dododo do dododo..." nonstop. Every fucking DJ did the same thing. There was no melody in anything, nothing on top of the boring rhythms, no changes, no songs... just do dododo do dododo nonstop. And what the fuck do the DJ's even do? They didn't play any keyboard or even do anything, they just hopped up and down without even controlling the music, it was all just pre recorded. Why even have them and a stage? Honestly, the music wasn't like offensive and it was not good. It was worse, it was just nothing. It was pointless and empty. I don't like a lot of hip hop. I don't like dubstep. People don't like rock n' roll. Etc. Regardless of how I feel about certain genres, all of that at least has some sort of purpose. This shit was literally just monotonous nothing which had the sole existence of letting people do the same boring zombie dance for hours upon hours. I guess that is its purpose, but how can you just move back and forth for 10+ hours?! Its fucking madness.

You hear older people complain about my generation (I'm 23) and how the music and we don't stand for anything. This kind of thing was like a testament to that. It was just this emotionless, soul-eating, zombie gathering. Everyone just stood there in a haze of indifference. Obviously, this sort of thing doesn't represent everyone my age. There's still a lot of great music and wonderful people out there (and I'm sure there were great people full of personality at the festival too). Whatever, it just wasn't for me. I'm probably sounding ridiculous and sounding so off the mark. Maybe I just didn't get it. I didn't complain at all, I was a trooper and acted fine. It wasn't my thing and someone paid for me to go so I wasn't going to rain on anyone's parade.

Oh, and then after it was over we went to an after party show at 1am. Guess what that was? The same fucking thing! For an additional 4 hours! The last 2 hours were actual torture. I was on the brink of insanity and had the urge to start punching everyone around me. Funny thing is, if I did, they all would have probably still not reacted or done anything. Fucking idiots!

9 years later I’m being dragged to the same shit :lol:

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11 hours ago, ZoSoRose said:

9 years later I’m being dragged to the same shit :lol:

Have you considered that you don't get it because you're not drugged out of your mind?



Anyway. I'm 3 weeks into my relationship. I'm very happy. She surprises me every time we see each other with how she has listened to me and how she cares about what I have to say.

She's just like me. I store everything a partner likes in the hopes of using it to make them happy or surprise them.

The physical side is incredible as well. 


11/10, would recommend divorcing and upgrading.

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It's positive to look at this thread and see my contributions from months ago and compare them to now.

The divorce has finally been filed. The day it was filed I made things official with my now girlfriend. I spend 25% of the week at her house, 25% of the week at my parents, and 25% of the week in the "marital" home which my Ex and I rotate in and out of so we never have to spend any time in each others presence.

I've had an offer accepted on a house. She's had an offer accepted on a house. We have buyers for our house. We all have completion deadlines of August 31st, at which point my girlfriend and I will have been dating for over 3 months and she can be around my daughter in a non romantic capacity.

I don't play games like my Ex has done, but I have seen the future - the day that we move out, my Ex will go through her "I'm so sad, this is the end of a chapter and we should part on good terms" etc etc. I know she will ask for a hug so she can feel like we are parting as friends.

She won't get that. She'll get "I don't think that's appropriate or something my GF would be comfortable with", and I'll just walk away and leave her hanging, and wondering who I am dating, how long I've been dating them, how she wasn't aware etc.

That'll be the nice fuck you for her shagging the engaged work colleague who was just a friend / hiding condoms to make me think she was shagging him, or whatever she claims that who thing was.

She is a bad liar. I however can hide things, lie and sneak around like a professional. I hid an eating disorder from the world for 5 years. I can hide a girlfriend for 3 months.

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25 minutes ago, SoulMonster said:

Breakups are so ugly.

100% this. If she had handled it with grace, class and honesty I could have handled it given time.


Instead she's just fucked with my head and played nasty games with me for 5 months.


Is it any surprise I want nothing to do with her after being abused and controlled mentally for years?

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