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Hard Rock employee allegedly says Axl will debut new song on next residency

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GNFNR is proud to announce an EXCLUSIVE interview with an insider at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Gabriela Vasquez has been an integral member of the Hard Rocks renowned hospitality team for more than a decade. As such, shes had an intimate glimpse behind the curtain of GNRs legendary NO TRICKERY and Appetite for Democracy residencies. She was also privy to some inside information on GNRs possible return to the Hard Rock. The interview was translated by her nephew, Gustavo.

GNFNR: Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview, Mrs. Vasquez. Can you tell us how you came to work with the Hard Rock Casino?

GV: I came to America in 1991 from my familys home in Guatemala to escape the civil war. My sister was working in Las Vegas and could help me find a job. We worked together for several casinos. I got married in 1995 and had my son. But in 2001, I had to return to Guatemala because my mother was dying and I wanted to see her one last time. I had many troubles returning to my family in America, and it would take me another 5 years to get back to Las Vegas. When I finally did, my sister was now working at the Hard Rock. She got me a job there, and I have been working in hospitality ever since.

GNFNR: Do you remember anything in particular about GNRs legendary Vegas Residencies?

GV: Yes, they were very magical shows for everyone at the casino, but for me in particular. November Rain has always been my favorite love song and was very popular when I first came to America. Axl is always so beautiful and speaks to peoples hearts. So naturally, I was very excited to take care of him during his stay in the hotel. We would clean and provide for him and make sure he was very well taken care of.

GNFNR: We hear Axl can be a little difficult. Did he cause any trouble at the hotel?

GV: This is not true. He is a lovely man and very generous. Everyone loved him. We called him Poppa Rose because he takes care of everyone like a father.

GNFNR: Will Axl be returning to Vegas for further evenings of Democratic Destruction?

GV: Yes. He told us that he would return again soon for more shows. He has a new song he said he will perform for the first time. He sang it for us all one night and said it was written about his mothers passing. The song was very beautiful and heartfelt. It reminded me of how I felt when my own mother passed away, and I had tears in my eyes once again.

GNFNR: Thank you so much for you time. Is there anything else youd like to tell our readers?

GV: Please do not use my picture.


Brought to you by John Bonham

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Coma, I'd just like to state that the breaking of this breaking Guns N' Fn'Roses exclusive news is a MyGNR exclusive. We've known it for 5 seconds earlier than other forums and just right after the original EXCLUSIVE source posted it, making us so much better than other places.



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I'm at a loss as to how to view this, mostly because of the "Papa Rose" thing. It seems like something that would be written for The Onion or something.

I really hope "Papa Rose" sticks as an inside- forum joke

This shit is hilarious, thanks JB and GNFNR!

He went from Uncle to Papa?

No, no, no ...

It's Poppa, Poppa Rose ... not Papa. -.-

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