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Far Cry 4


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far cry 2 was my favorite despite some flaws(the respawning bases) but the story was the best in the series and the companions you had you actually relied on them and cared for them and when you had to mercy kill them by gun or make them OD on meds it sucked. the choice at the end of act I was also tough.

far cry 3 is a load of fun and far cry 4 is basically the same game set in the himalayas. there is some slight differences but ubisoft went with the assassins creed mold of not screwing up a winning formula. thats not to say the game sucks or is bad because like 3 it is a blast to play but sometimes you do get a little feeling of deja vu.

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A buddy of mine was responsible for writing some of the storylines for the side missions. Hope to one of these days get around to playing it and Far Cry 3. I have Far Cry Blood Dragon, but only played it for five minutes (failed miserably).

Let us know what you think after you've had some time with the game.

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