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NEWS FLASH: Slash does NOT appear in Spongebob movie

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I saw the movie last night too with my little granddaughter.

The movie was cute, but too long. I heard one kid behind me ask her mother if it was over yet?

No Slash is not in this movie nor do they play "WTTJ" which I've heard during some tv ads. Weird.

Antonio Banderas is in it and I wondered why? His part was boring too.

I read a review in Entertainment weekly and the guy that reviewed said it was too long and he was right. the first 45 minutes or so you could hear people laughing but then it got quiet. I also hate wearing those 3D glasses. After a while, you feel like you're seeing double. We all had to take off the glasses for a bit to get focused.

The storyline was okay, but then it went into another place that just lost my interest and from the no sounds coming from the audience, I'd say most of them were bored after the first 45 minutes too.

Plankton had the best lines of the movie.

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DJ would've been a much more logical choice. He better than the old one.

The producers made a last minute decision to replace Slash with Paul Tobias.

I have nothing to add on the subject other than the fact that both of these posts made me laugh.

Yes, those were funny.

I don't care that Slash sometimes does funny things with his career. I refuse to think less of him because he has no integrity. Who does these days? it's uncool. He's still a great guitar player so whatever. I like Spongebob. My favorite is Gary.

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