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Downzy purchases mygnrforum.com/


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I made a post a few months back not expecting to sell offering double refunds to current supporters if I did and therefore true to my word if any current supporters (never previously banned, no alts, within the last 12 months) would prefer to be removed from the supporters section, PM me and I will paypal your "double refund" -- PM only please. This offer lasts for 14 days from the date of this post. Obviously you can't then rejoin as a supporter at any stage in the future.

Time for magisme to cash in!

Nah, as long as I'm still allowed to mercilessly cupcake and abuse GNR and its fans in exchange for $$, I'm good. :lol:


Seriously, though, thanks for everything, Subs. Sincerely mean that. I wasn't active during the dark ages, but from everything I've heard this place would be gone without you. Best of luck to downzy and Russ. Two class acts.

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What? are you saying you are going to double refund the supporters? (What a great investment, Mags :awesomeface: )

Subs, I don't know about the other supporters, but I don't want a refund ... if you redirect the same amount that I donate, to the new admin's account, that's ok with me ... otherwise, let it go ...

Anyway, tks for all you did for this community for the past few years, Subs ...

To Downzy, tks for assuming this load ... it's not an easy thing to do, I wish you the best for the next years ...

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Did Downzy buy the forum before or after today's interview with Richard Fortus broke?

"No money back, no guarantee" :lol:


Damn it!

Hehehe, I bought the forum regardless of whether the band was active or not. There's a lot that can be done from both a logistical and value perspective. Regardless of what's happening with the band, there will be reasons to visit and support this forum going forward. Everyone will get to hear what we have in store soon! (yes, soon!)

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I understand your decision Subs, ofcourse family comes first, but I don't like it.

Anyway thanks for keeping this forum alive and I wish you all the best.

Best of luck to Downzy ofcourse.

Aww thanks MB -- you're in awesome hands please trust me when I say this. Mygnrforum will CERTAINLY be around for a very long time I assure you! ;)

As will I :)

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