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New HBO Movie on Scientology - Going Clear


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What a real eye opener. I now feel bad for a lot of the followers, even Travolta and Cruise. They were duped into the scam and now they have all this scandalous information against them. I think what upsets me the most is the woman not being able to see her granddaughter because her own daughter disconnected from her. And the Tom Cruise girlfriend think was beyond fucked up. Too bad they didn't get the actress Nazanin Boniadi to speak, but I guess they didn't want to upset Miscavige who no doubt has a file on her. She is Muslim now.

I'm glad they didn't manage to blackball her in Hollywood, she was super lovely in Homeland.

She was a fan favorite. I watched the fourth season solely because of her now that Lewis wasn't in it. Now I have no reason to watch five, maybe Saul.

They probably have little on her enough to Blackball her. Lots of people left and their careers turned out fine. I guess they have something juicy on Tom Cruise. Maybe he killed someone. Travolta definitely did. His son.

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Just saw this and alls i wanna say is see, see?!?! SEE?!?! See why i said Star Wars, Star Trek, all that stuff is evil?!?! :lol: I'm like this fuckin' genius...but like a genius who don't know shit, i just have these instincts about things and they're just right like that, see?!? He basically sold them a science fiction novel! I done told you that shit was evil! :lol: He basically starts off giving you some plausible ill-disgused version of psycho therapy and builds it level upon level upon level gradually and right at the top he gives you fuckin' Star Wars.

Shit, what if I'm a God or something, y'know, for being able to forsee this shit. You kids need to stop listening to Metal, you really do, it's gonna reveal itself, it's true face, just like Sci-Fi did with Scientology. Shit, what if I'M really the chosen one? Len Ron Hubbard baby! You all come from a hidden intergalatic fuckin' time freeze called Cocksucker, it's just like the 90s only there was this galactic spaceman called Xenu Rogers that fuckin' injected some shit into your brain and imprisoned yous all on earth but fear not, I, Len, have been sent to save you!

I knew i was better than the normal people, i knew it! :D I think I'll call my thing..Fly-anetics :lol: And this shall be our national anthem!

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