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2010 Discussion Thread


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I like reminiscing in these threads lol

2010 was right smack in the middle of my GNR obsession. I started College in the Fall of 2009. It was a weird transition, girl problems made me unstable, I was still shaking my awkward high school personality, and then dealing with school and new- found freedom. I know its technically 2009, but the start of the tour in Taiwan and Asia was such an important time for me in my life and GNR is a reminder of that era. Anyways, after all the waiting the Canadian dates didn't seem real. I was a kid with no car at Michigan State University, but I still bought 2 tickets to the London, Ontario show and my best friend and I convinced his mom to take us. That mini trip was just an incredible experience and seeing Axl for the first time was awesome. London isn't a huge city so the whole downtown area seemed to transform into "GNR land". The band was rumored to even be staying at the hotel we were at.

The concert was also the most stereotypical GNR experience I've been to. Waiting hours in line to get in, rowdy crowd with fights (almost got beaten up myself by a UFC fighter who wanted to steal my spot), long wait in between openers complete with the camera zooming in on girls flashing, and then the show itself- 2 and a half hours of GNR with Axl sounding great. This was even before everyone hated DJ. Honestly, 2010 was the most positive this place has ever been since I've started looking at it in around 2007.

Slash's first solo album also came out then and the wait for that was excruciating for me. I remember Bacardi sending me the leaks for it and I listened to it religiously for the rest of the year. It didn't age well for me, but I have good memories to it.

I guess 5 years isn't that long ago, but it seems like a lifetime for me. A lot has happened to me since.

Thanks, GNR

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Sad, but my experience with GNR in 2010 is not very nice...

Axl came back to Argentina for the first time since 1993, and I couldnt hear his voice in any moment of the show. This is the famous Velez Sarsfield gig where there were audio issues and Axl voice was almost unhearable.

Really sad, because this was the best version of Axl. He also came in 2011 and 2014, i was there on both shows, but it was different.

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