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Adult Swim


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Its a great network that I feel used to be much better or just appeals to a very specific age demographic. When I was 14-16, and even probably till I was 19, that was great messed up TV. I'm not gonna pretend to speak intelligently about the network, but it was so fucked up and on so late that there was an aura around it that I think is gone now in the DVR era. Back when I watched it, they were kind of setting up the formula they have now. They got the uncut Family Guy and American Dad repeats, Robot Chicken, Home Movies, Squidbillies, Venture Brothers. They weren't all shows I liked, but they were all pretty new for the time that are now either gone or have run their course. They even had weird stuff like The Oblongs and Morel Orel, as well as having Anime nights at specific times. The network didn't seem to have any rules, which was cool to me at that age.

It was just a weird network, that either strives on people my age discovering its weirdness or it worked so well back then because it was new and no one knew what to expect. The Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie April Fools prank? I mean that was genius at the time, and I could never see that happening nowadays, although granted I don't watch the network much anymore. I kind of stopped around when Tim And Eric had been on for maybe 3 years, cause at that point I thought I had seen enough of those insane kind of shows. I guess it could be argued that its reached a new peak nowadays with something like The Eric Andre Show that is maybe their most successful show to date. At least the one that gets the most traction. But Adult Swim seems like old news to me nowadays.

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