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Odd food combinations you have eaten while drunk and you now eat regularly


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This reply is off topic, but the thread title reminded me of this story, which is too funny not to share.

On Friday night, I was getting pretty sloshed at an open bar with a good girlfriend. I ate way more fish (including trout and crab which was a first for me) than I would normally. And way more salad than normal too. I will definitely try trout again sober.

My friend was approaching the oyster table and the random woman stood nearby asked "have your tried oysters? I imagine it's like swallowing sperm".

My friend was pretty shocked at this remark but responded quickly "I wouldn't know, ladies don't do such things".

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Got more cheese dust than standard nacho, I suppose.

I've spent my whole life disappointed by promises of things being stupendously hot and I don't even end up needing a glass of water, so not much cheese flavour ain't that bad in the scheme of things.

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Don't eat it regularly, but nachos made with nacho cheese Doritos were pretty money. Usually if I'm fucked up enough to start making weird food, I'm blacked out.

Get that shit done with chilli heatwave. I'm partial to a ham n' cheese toasted/grilled sandwich with cold beans, it's outstanding.
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Replace tortilla with crepe. Replace jam with peanut butter. Replace yoghurt with caramel sauce. Flambe bananas in Grand Marnier. Keep yoghurt on the side for after.

You're welcome.

The only good idea about this is the crepe. And maybe the caramel sauce as a addition instead of a replacement. And a doctor who has experience with diabetes.
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Your fuckin' Nan :lol:

(I love these intellectual conversations :lol:)

Did you used to have this thing at school where you'd walk up to people and put your index finger under there nose and go "smell your nan" you couldn't escape it for months :lol: It petered out after while but still every once in a while out of the blue you'd be talking to someone then from behind you'd feel something under your nose and hear"smell yer nana vera"

It's genius in its own way. It's like we broke down all the elements that would cause pure offence. And distilled it into one small sentence and hand movement.

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