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Rocket Queen in Thin Lizzy style

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Hello friends,

today I was testing a new (cheap!) ribbon microphone I just bought and was jaming on Thin Lizzy longs to check the recorded tone. While doing it Rocket Queen came to mind.

I think GN'R had a huge influence by the great Thin Lizzy and Rocket Queen is the example of that. As Axl said, Phil Lynott died to soon as he would have loved to met him.

This was just a recording test of 2 rhytm guitars for study proposes with a Marshall Vintage Modern, a Shure SM57 and a Cascade Fathead type of ribbon mic; I was not trying to capture the natural sound of the amp, not trying to make it sound like the AFD recordings.

Anyway I think Rocket Queen would be the perfect excuse for a GN'R jam with Thin Lizzy, maybe Fortus can bring it together?

Do you also get the Thin Lizzy Vibe in Rocket Queen ending?

Guitars only:

Mixed with the original:

Do you see the same influence?

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It's a good example of how much personality the guitars have, cause even though you can recognize the influences, it's never reduced to just a rehash, instead they build upon it and inject their specific flavor of hard rock. Have to be great in order to do that.

Good playing btw.

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