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I read the James Patterson book and although it differs from the show, both were very good.

Yeah, considering all the damage man has done to the earth and it's living creatures, I can see this happening one day.

I honestly feel so badly for the animals who are going all through these horrible changes through no fault of their own. I even felt badly for the rats last week. All these terrible things they are going through are because of man and the disrespect for the earth.

I know it is fiction, but if you think of all the hunting and killing man has done against man has done to the animals, it would be cool to see them fight back.

It's a good show. Makes you think about how we could all change the earth for the better.

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I think only Leopards do that, not lions.

Anyway, the book was better and the reason for the animals changing was different too, but this show is very good.

The characters are likable and no matter what those animals do, I feel bad for them because their nature is being changed against their will.

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Once rats taste human blood they crave it.

This is like Pattersons Critchon book. I read one more like a thriller. NYPD Red I think it was called. 1 page chapters. My hero.

Also that guy survived! Now theres a bear in the kitchen!

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The Zoo was one of those novels he writes with another writer from time to time.

It's one of a kind book. Patterson has many writers that he writes books with and then there are the books like Alex Cross and Mike Bennett and The Women's club murders that he writes on his own.

I think Patterson is one of the best mystery writers ever. I've read most of his books and am never disappointed.

If you haven't read the book Zoo, I recommend it. it's different from the movie, but so good. it has the same feeling that you have to finish it because you feel like you are one of the characters who have to solve this animal problem to survive.

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Thrillers can be a bit empty. wasnt really enriched by NYPD Red. For me its the morality being very black and white that makes it less interesting. But some are happy or less offended if the good guys win type of thing.

But Zoo seems more like Crichton. Ive got Private. See if I get hooked.

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