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The US Politics/Elections Thread

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2 hours ago, downzy said:


One thing I’ve never understood is how Trumpers cannot, in any conceivable way, understand this basic fact. No sitting President, whether Democrat or Republican, who oversaw the national tragedy that has been America’s response to covid would have an easy time winning re-election. But for these mentally degraded asshats, the only possible explanation for Trump’s loss is malfeasance and fraud. It’s mind boggling how so many can be this daft. 

You know how the media often blows things way out of proportion? Like how when they put a narrative out about any particular group of crazed masses, the general public usually says "OK, that's not exactly what's happening in reality"? 

I can tell you this first hand from living in the US: every but of stupidity you see about Trump supporters is 100% accurate. Every person I see in public wearing Trump shirts/hats or that has Trump bumper stickers, etc, is exactly the level of stupid you see in the media. 

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If there was ever an image that showcased how utterly stupid conservatives argument over censorship and cancel culture are, this would be it:

It’s right out of an episode of Veep. 

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And the yah's have it.  

Trump is impeached.

And with that, because of the size of this thread, we're going to lock and start a new thread on US Politics to hopefully assist with improving the efficiency of this section of the forum


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