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Madden 16


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From everything I've seen the deep pass is way overpowered this year. Any decently rated WR is making OBJ-esk catches over two defenders.

i stopped playing madden after madden 2009 but my brother a few years ago bought me madden 25, and the defense in that game was non existent. zone, man to man, zone blitz, corner blitz, jailbreak blitz it didnt matter the oline would block anything and you would have no problem finding open receivers down the field. games online just seemed to come down to who threw the first pick or the team that would randomly fumble.

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I only played one game last night, but I gotta say I do like the new controls. I was/am a BIG NFL2K fan and I boycotted Madden for a long time over how things went. I got last years Madden for free with my PS4, so I took myself out of my boycott lol. Kinda the same thing this year; my wife bought it to surprise me, so I'm not gonna turn it down lol

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