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Love & Mercy - The Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) Biopic


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Has anyone seen this movie from 2014?

It's about Brian Wilson, Beach Boys mastermind. You get into how he went from genious to loosing his sense, the recording of the masterpiece "Pet Sounds" with his unortodox legendary studio recording techniques and song compositions and his darkest moments when he became pharmacologically dependent/mentally manipulated by his terapist/manager/business partner Dr. Eugene Landy who kept him away from everyone else and from reality.

This film is a must see if even from a GN'R fan point of view - some people might establish comparisons between Brian Wilson and Pet Sounds/Smile and Axl/Chinese Democracy.

Brian himself says this movie is very factual and true to what happened.

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I loved it. Thought it was well directed and Dano and Cusack where great. As much as I loved the scenes where Brian was recording some of my favorite albums, I preferred the Cusack scenes and the effort Ledbetter took to save Brian from Landy. Giamatti was scary. 


These type of films tend to suffer from whether the director wants to tell the story of the actual musician or a behind the scenes of the making of their best songs/albums. I think casting two actors was a good decision. It was not too experimental and out there like the god-awful Dylan inspired "I'm Not There." The transition between the two scenes were flawless. I thought Banks did a good job as the woman who enlisted the help of Brian's remaining family and friends to rescue Brian from the oppressive therapy treatment from Landy. How Landy helped Brian improved his condition remains controversial, but it is proven that after Brian was relieved of Landy and got proper treatment his condition improved significantly and the results speak for themselves. He has been recording again, performing shows again and he even finished Smile. First by re-recording and finally going back to the tapes and salvage what was left of the project. I think the only thing Landy can be fully credited for is preventing Brian's untimely death. After that he caged him and tortured him.


 I recommend both Brian Wilson Presents Smile and The Smile Sessions. 


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