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What do you like more? November Rain or Estranged?

November Rain or Estranged  

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This question has probably be done quite a few times here before so I understand if this thread gets locked,

but out of the two, long epic songs from the Estranged trilogy which do you prefer?

Most of my life, November Rain has been one of my fav songs. Lately I've been feeling Estranged more though. I'm really not sure which one I like more.

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Estranged by a long shot.

It is my 2nd favorite GNR song behind Coma.

Estranged is a song that I really relate to on a personal level just like Coma.

Those 2 songs really speak to me about my own life. I have always drawn personal feeling from songs whether it's a GNR or say a Metallica song.

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I'd class Coma, Locomotive, November Rain, Estranged and TWAT in the same 'epic' vein, all get 11/10 for me because they're so unique and ambitious, Estranged just goes to more places so I'd choose that but I know NR isn't the song that needs to do that and it doesn't lack anything because it is less volatile, different approaches and all that.

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