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[RUMOR] - Axl to retire after GNR reunion?

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Sorry, maynard.


After the announcement that Axl Rose and Slash were talking again, a lot of information appeared involving the polemic subject: the classic line-up reunion. It has come to us from Axl Rose - Fã Clube some exclusive information possibly from inside the band. It's good to remember that this is only a rumor and no one is sure of anything.

Starting from the matter on the article title, the possible Axl Rose retirement. Axl supposedly doesn't want to perform anymore. He wants to say goodbye to the stages claiming to no longer have a voice for touring. Rose would like to enjoy the rest of his life with tranquility in Malibu.

The reunion would be just a few concerts with few songs. Something like a farewell to Axl Rose.

About Izzy and Steven: the guitarist's presence was supposedly already confirmed in the reunion, but Steven wasn't contacted.

Don't consider none of this info as official, at the moment they're just rumours.

Written by Matheus Davanso

Edited by ManetsBR
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I doubt it's true. It's not the impression I gained from the bits and pieces that Fernando posted here, anyway. It sounded like Axl's doing well, and he's definitely not done yet.

It is true, of course, that Axl's voice has been somewhat hit and miss the last years, but I figure that with proper care and treatment, that can be remedied. He's gone through phases like this before, and then regained his voice.

Besides, I can't see Axl fizzling out. I reckon that if he's going to retire, he's going to go out on a high. An album release, a proper tour, a proper reunion tour... something like that.

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