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Slash, Duff, Kushner AND OL' BILLY FRECKLES BILL BURR - Highway to Hell


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Potato quality:

I've uploaded this video taken from a shitty periscope :lol:

I've talked about this in the Slash's tour thread. Just a benefit gig for WOnderland Elementary School ;)


Highway to Hell sounded a bit on autopilot

and the drummer seemed to be out of time a bit on the beginning

but once ITS SO EASY kicked in...

all i could think of was...

is it MATT SORUM on the drums?


it sounds DIFFERENT!

(maybe better?)

i dont know if it is the mix (the sound quality of this recording is very good) that allows to listen to the drums really well, but all i could think is that this drummer is playing ITS SO EASY in a great way!

any drummers to comment on that? on how he seems to really lock in with duffs bass?

who is that guy?

is it tommy cufletos?

is it an unknown guy who happened to be around?


a drummer really CHANGES EVERYTHING!

long time since this song sounded so fuckin great

WOW, please let me know who this drummer is and if there is more recordings from this session

and thanks a lot for filming and sharing this!


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i remember Franky Peres from the Slash & Friends gigs but I dont remember him sounding this good back then

He sounded actually great on ITS SO EASY

About the drummer, I thought at first that it was the same guy on HIGHWAY TO HELL and on ITS SO EASY

But now after watching this video...

(from this thread = http://www.mygnrforum.com/index.php?/topic/212615-bill-burr-slash-duff-story/ )

It's pretty clear that Bill Burr was the guy playing HIGHWAY TO HELL...

and then ANOTHER GUY plays ITS SO EASY...

Bill Burr mentions that another drummer played on the benefit -- Todd Waetzig, the drummer for Blue Man Group

i am pretty convinced that the drummer playing ITS SO EASY was TODD WAETZIG


So Id really like to see TODD WAETZIG playing with Duff and Slash again because this guy is really good!

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