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Metro 2033


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Just starting on this one.

Immersive, a little choppy here and there, but I was also being dumb.

It's probably worth it to get the variety or depth.

Shooting is a bit strange as the rats wait for you to reload. Sometimes you get mauled but really you need to jump over a wall. Generally if you are dying relentlessly then you are doing something wrong.

Great atmosphere and world though.

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Are you playing the original or redux? I found redux was considerably better. Plus playing on ranger hardcore was one of the most stressful single player experiences I've had.

I also downloaded it from Gold. Not the redux version, i didnt even know that existed until...

Im a bit of a completionist, enjoy getting all the achievements n that. So i played the game on hardcore thinking id get the Hardcore Ranger achievement or whatever its called. I completed it and didnt get it! Was like.. Eh?! N there were other achievements that just werent working and I just couldnt get my head round it, til I looked on google n found out about the redux version. (so Wasted, youre not the only one doin dumb shit haha) I couldve bought it, cause I really enjoyed the game but by this point I'd played through it like three times n was like CBA with that shit. Hardcore was pretty easy though. Was an ace game.

Also downloaded Last Light which I havnt played yet.

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Ive got Last Light too. Metro is great game, i like the variety of bad guys and mutants to fight and feel like combat is varied, no one weapon always works and just totally immersed in this apocalyptic nightmare. Slso good cut seens and dialogue.

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