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Top selling GNR picture?


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Hey Marc,

From time to time I check out the photos you sell through your eBay account. They are so incredible, I wish I could buy them all. I was wondering if you would share what your top-selling GNR picture is. Do you have a favorite picture you've taken of the band? Do any members of the band have a copy of any of your pictures in their personal collection?

I also noticed that you have pictures of other artists like Aerosmith, Iron Maiden and Madonna for sale. Has an artist in the picture ever reached out to you for a copy?

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They all mean something to me so that why there is so many of them. I know it makes it harder to choose one but what I tell people is, do you have a favorite song or a band member? Many of those photos are from a gig where they played a new song for the first time. The best selling doesn't mean it the best photo. The best photo is the one that fits you. I do like the Street Scene one with Duff amaze and Slash. It was the first time slash used a Les Paul in Gnr and I love the way Axl looks. Axl used to like it that one a lot and had a copy of it. I gave Slash a few photos once but they ended up getting sold at the auction that he did a few years back. slash is not really one to hand up a photo of himsel. Duff asked me for a few photos that were only Duff in the photo and his wife Susan asked me for the backstage group photo from fenders Ballroom 5 days before they got signed. Steven wanted a photo but I still have t make it for him, it's the one of him at the sound check at Giants stadium Paradise city video shoot .

I did see Steven Tyler at Canters a few times and I gave him a photo and the next time I saw him he was introducing me to his friend telling them I shot the photo that's hanging up on his wall. I think it's like art hanging on the wall. Every time you walk by it you can admire it. Also because it have the date and some details writin at the bottom, it makes for a good Conversation piece

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