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Options: Business/Accountancy or Tutoring?

Gracii Guns

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I've been boring you all with my struggle to find a new job. I'm really sick of it all and maybe trying something new is an option.

In the short-term, I need to earn a living. I have two options staring me in the face currently, but don't know what to pursue. I could either take the magazine I make into a profitable business. Or I could become a college tutor in my field of expertise.

To pursue the business route, I have a night-school course available to me in Accounts and Bookkeeping. I'm not strong at maths, but am good with technology. This will offer me transferable skills to other jobs.

I'm also interested in becoming a further education college tutor/lecturer. I have a contact who seems willing to guide me through the process and give me some teaching experience.

These are both long to medium term goals. I'm interested in hearing from people with experience in either field. I think I might be more suited at tutoring, but it's a bigger investment in time and our almost non-existent budget.

Additionally, I'd be happy to take an entry-level job in anything that pays above minimum wage which might lead on to other professions. I just don't know what jobs are out there who will have me.

What should I do mygnr? I feel stuck in a rut and need a focus. (And I don't really have a wide spectrum of feelings!) thanks! *awesomeface*

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GG, I have done both and both are useful experiences for your career. If doing both is not an option, then the business/accountancy route may give you more options later.

I started out in accounting and directed it towards computer programming later which set me down a technology path that has paid off. I ended up teaching it as well, though I don't have a love of teaching so stopped that after a while.

You don't have to be great at maths, accounting is more about the rules and standards than the math.

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