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RIP Jackie Collins


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I was very sad hear of the death of writer Jackie Collins. I've read all of her books and saw many movies that were made from her books.

I had the pleasure of meeting her at a book signing in Dallas a few years ago. She was such a wonderful lady and beautiful inside and out. She took the time to talk to each of us fans while she signed her books.

I've always felt her books were a guilty pleasure because she wrote mostly about fictitious characters who were based on real life Hollywood movie stars. She would never admit to it, but sometimes you could guess who certain characters were based on.

She also wrote many books based on the fictitious mob family, which I loved most of all.

She will be missed. My sympathies go out to her many friends and family.

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You partial to a bit of The Stud?

I read it and saw the movie. That's one of Jackie's earlier books. I think her sister Joan was in the movie too.

Jackie's books were a guilty pleasure for me. Reading how the rich and famous live and still how fucked up they were.

You partial to a bit of The Stud?

What was she, a porno writer?

No but her books did have sex in them. She wrote a lot about Hollywood people although she didn't use real names. Jackie said she would go to dinner parties thrown by famous Hollywood producers or directors and listen to their stories. then she would write books about them, but changing the names and some of the stories.

Her books showed you the good and seedy side of the rich and famous and their kids too.

Joan Collins or Rivers died already?

Bitches be dyin n shit.

Joan is Jackie's older sister and she's still alive. Joan was in some of Jackie's earlier movies, The Stud and The Bitch.

Joan was on Dynasty for a long time. She helped that show stay on the air.

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