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Rolling Stone Australia Article

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Are Guns N Roses Planning a Reunion Tour? - Rolling Stone Australia


Mentions a source close to Slash,a guy by the name of John Murdy.

"UK's The Mirror reports that the band are currently "in talks" over what would be their first run of shows since 1996, quoting Slash's close friend John Murdy as their source - "

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Its from here

Legendary rockers Guns N’ Roses are in talks over hitting the road next year on a money-spinning reunion tour.

Frontman Axl Rose, 53, and lead guitarist Slash, 50, have buried the hatchet after years of feuding and now look set to perform together for the first time since 1996.

Promoters reckon a series of worldwide gigs with the classic line-up could make the musicians an estimated £65million.

News of a potential reunion came from Slash’s pal John Murdy, a boss at Universal Studios theme park.

He said: “I know that Slash and Axl talking again is a really good sign.”

The pair became friends after Slash collaborated with John on a maze for the theme park.

Talking at the launch of his latest Halloween project John coyly added: “I am going to let them figure that out.

“Rock stars are the coolest, nicest people.

“Slash is an icon and one of the 10 best guitar players of all time.”

While the band is still going, only Axl remains from the world-beating line-up of the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Fans are desperate for the return of Slash, fellow guitarist Izzy Stradlin, 53, bassist Duff McKagen, 51, and drummer Steven Adler, 50, who have been pursuing separate projects.

Together they made the classic 1987 album Appetite for Destruction and the smash hit singles Sweet Child o’ Mine and Paradise City.

Slash has been more complimentary about his former foe in recent times, saying: “There’s no animosity.

“Over time we all just got sick and tired of the black cloud.

“The biggest thing that happens when you have a break-up that is less than harmonious is you build up a bad energy because of the distance.

“The bad feelings get exaggerated.”

Read more: Guns N' Roses' Sweet Child O' Mine voted greatest guitar riff of all time
Speaking of a possible tour, Los Angeles-based marketing expert Alex Villa said: “Demand for tickets and interest in the USA alone would earn the group tens of millions of dollars.

“A world tour, re-issued CDs and new material rockets that figure easily.

“Guns N' Roses were a powerhouse in rock in the nineties and a reunion will be a huge deal.

“The band only need to do a year on the road and would never have to worry about money again in their lives.”

Keyboardist Dizzy Reed, 52, has also hinted talks were taking place.

Dizzy, a band member since 1990, said: “With Guns N' Roses timelines don’t really apply.

“Things will come out when they’re ready and we’ll go on tour.”

The original band parted ways in 1993 after a show in Argentina. While Duff and Izzy have played with Axl again it’s a comeback with Slash which fans have been eagerly anticipating.

A headline slot at Reading and Leeds festivals in 2010 was a flop after Axl was late on stage and ranted at bosses for pulling the plug to meet their time curfew.

However promoter Melvin Benn said he would be interested in bringing the original line-up back to the events.


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