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David Cameron had sex with a pig.


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The funny thing is that to his supporters its not actually that big a deal, it just gets filed under the debauched eccentricities of our social betters. Theres an underlying thing in our country where the upper classes get away with a great deal in that regard simply because of who they are.

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I am not one to accuse anyone of lying but you people do know that Michael Ashcroft, the writer of this book, had a big bust up with Cameron, resigning as deputy chairman, over both the Tory-Lib Dem coalition and his lack of a ministerial portfolio?

Who cares if it's true, the puns, memes and jokes are endless with this one....

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This Piers Gaveston Society is even weirder than The Bullingdon Club. It was the initiation rite for this club where the alleged incident took place.

For students of English history, Gaveston was Edward II's gay lover.

The club's motto is "Fane non memini ne audisse unum alterum ita dilixisse" which translates approximately to "Truly, none remember hearing of a man enjoying another so much."

Membership of the society is limited to 12 male undergraduates. During their time in the society they are given titles such as "Poker" and "Dispenser",

Hugh Grant and Ian Hislop were both members.


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I'm sure he did worse than that. Soggy biscuit fo sho.

You could say the prejudice of the Bullingdon Club is much worse. Apparently you have to get out a fifty pound note and burn it with a lighter in front of a tramp in order to be initiated into The Bullingdon Club. The suits cost nearly £4,000 which automatically means you have to be very rich, richer than most Oxford students, to obtain membership. And the whole rational behind trashing restaurants is ''we are so rich: we can pay it off straight away in a hour''. (I suppose that latter point is a bit like how rock stars trash hotel rooms; that reminds me of a Peter Grant incident after a Zeppelin television throwing contest. When Grant went to pay the bill, a hotel receptionist or usher said, ''I've always wanted to do that [smash a TV]'' to which Grant, handing him a tidy sum, replied ''have one on me''.)

The only thing in the Bullingdon's defense is they are willing to take a time in the cells and/or an asbo, and that it began as a cricketing club, back in the 18th century!

Here is the Bully club featuring Cameron and Boris - the face of haughty disdain sporting iffy 1980s barnats,


I did try and get membership but didn't have the £50 on me at the time.

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