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30 years ago today Slash uses a Les Paul in Guns N' Roses for the first time


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September 28, 1985 at the Los Angeles Street Scene. The band played in front of a huge crowd of aprox 2,000 people and it was the first time they played for a crowd more than a few hundred. The croud was there to see Social Distortion and the gig was running 3 hours late. When GNR took the stage, the crowd tried to boo them off and spit at the band and throw food at them. However the band was able to hold their ground and ended up winning over the crowd. It was at this gig that you could see that GNR was build to play stadiums. This was also my favorite gig for taking photos. It was just so intense to see the band take control of the crowd.
The Les Paul that Slash used for the first time in GNR is known as the Hunterburst which was a fake Les Paul, It used to belong the Steve Hunter who was known for doing a lot of studio work with early 70's bands. Slash got it on Sept. 25th a few days before this gig from Guitars R Us on the corner of Sunset and Gardner from Howie Hubberman the owner of the shop. Slash kept that guitar until July 1986 when he sold for drug money. Hearing the guitar solo for WTTJ that day coming out of that guitar was incredible and that was the finishing touch to Slash's iconic guitar sound.
Setlist for that gig was
Reckless Life
Jumpin Jack Flash (with Desi Izzy's girlfriend dancing)
Think About You
Shadow Of Your Love
Heartbreak Hotel


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