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Happy Birthday John Lennon

Len Cnut

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My favorite Beatle from the first time I saw them on the Ed Sullivan show.

I remember the day John was killed. It was one of the saddest days of my life. I felt like a big part of my childhood was killed too.

He was funny and smart and compassionate. yeah, he has his faults as all humans do, but his music will live on forever.

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I wonder what would John do in the 21th century...

Probably not making a whore himself like Paul Mccartney does....

Paul McCartney, the greatest songwriter of all time, deems Kanye West good enough to collaborate with and it makes you furious.

I believe, sir, you are mistaking Paul McCartney for Franz Schubert.

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To think he had the shooter on him in the pic, mad bastard.

Hey there Lenny, what a sad time that was. Plus the photo someone with no feelings took of Yoko leaving the hospital that night so distraught and traumatised. Still have all the casettes of interviews I taped from the radio back then.

Then you go on youtube and they tell you Chapman was hypnotised by the FBI to kill Lennon.

If Donald Trump can run for President why couldn't Lennon? I know which one I'd choose.

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I'm not havin' those noofter accusations, you take that back immediately! :lol: John Lennon a noofter, whatever next, suddenly everyone from the past has gotta be an undercover noofter, just cuz it's legal now. John was a straight forward crumpet man and no messin' about :lol: A Mirror reporter got his 'ribs bashed in' for suggesting similar. And everyone goes 'why would you react like that if you weren't queer?' cuz in those fuckin' days you call a man a poofter and you got a fuckin' slap and quite right too :lol:

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