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Steven's art


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Jesus, how many Steven threads will pop up from now on?

btw a topic exists for his "art": http://www.mygnrforum.com/index.php?/topic/210407-50-an-art-collection-by-steven-adler/

Don't be so miserable.... Sorry, I haven't seen a thread on it or comb through the forum searching for one.. There are alot worse things in this world to be annoyed by. Sorry to ruin your day..

If you go through the collection they are all named after Appetite's songs. Presumably they are his interpretation of each song?

Interesting swirls and patterns although I'm not really an admirer of modern art so I'm perhaps the wrong person to judge.

Yeah, I had seen that.. The LIES songs and Civil War as well.. I am not even a huge art fan but they images grab my attention. Do you know if they were painted? Were they drawn digitally somehow?

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