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The Walking Dead Season 6


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Last night was the return of the Walking Dead show and it opened with a bang!

this showed proved that no matter what the storyline may be, the dead are front and center at all times. I never saw so many walking dead in one place at one time and in one show.

Rick is still a bad ass and I totally love it. Morgan is back, but still not sure about him.

The show incorporated past and present scenes and the past scenes were showed in black and white which was just so fitting.

Going back and forth from past to present showed how much both were and are connected.

Everyone was back and this show showed just how much you have to be on your guard at all times. I think this season is going to be the best one yet and also have you on the edge of your seats.

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If Glenn and Nicholas can work together again, Axl and Slash can work together again...

Still not trusting Nicholas much. If it was Daryl, he would be dead already.

I can't wait for Carl to lose his eye! (it will happen because the gods told me so)

Really? Not trusting that teenage girl either. I still think she's a wolf pretending to be seeking shelter there so she can spy on Alexandria and report back to them. The people in Alexandria are too trusting. I agree with Rick, I wouldn't continue to try to find people out in the outside world. They are going to have enough trouble to try and stay alive themselves from now on.

1000 's of zombies headed to Alexandria and I doubt those walls are going to hold up.

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Last night's episode was fantastic!

Started off slow, but I said okay, character storyline, then all hell breaks loose and it never stopped until the end. Even when things quieted down I was on guard waiting for something crazy to happen.

The clip I saw on The Talking Dead was insane. I love Rich! He's so over the top and just takes it in stride. Awesome!

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Morgan is badass but his "no killing" views are a little annoying. But whatever.

Good episode. Season is off to a good start so far.

Rogue Assassin Carol FTW

Well, I'm pretty sure Morgan killed that last wolf since he told him he was sorry before he hit him with his stick.

I'm sorry maybe Rich is getting carried away, but look at the world? I mean you have to have to be alert at all times and kill before you are killed. it sucks but this is the new world now.

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Glenn ain't dead. Not yet at least.

I'm pretty sure I just watched zombies pull his intestines out. There's not really a way to come back from that.

Edit: Cue zombie Glenn attacking Maggie and her crying about how she can't kill him. It'll be totally emotional with dramatic music and stuff.

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