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Axl Rose is incredibly talented says Gilby Clarke

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“I came into the Guns situation knowing everything. I always knew Slash was the main man. I didn’t mind because the music was great. It was much later when I felt I didn’t want to do it anymore. I admire Slash as a guitarist and both our guitars fit very well”

Alcohol and drugs were a part of the movement. Axl Rose, the frontman of GNR, had domestic abuse issues too. Didn’t that affect the band when on stage?

“Of course, it did. There was a lot of alcohol and drugs. But when we were on the road, we tried to downplay the drugs part. Everyone made a conscious effort. On show days, I don’t think anybody did it, though there have been situations when they did. And come on, we were much younger, it was two decades ago. It was a part of our life. Those days, we could party and drink a whole night and play a gig the next day,”

First GNR appearance

“I was never nervous. All that mattered to me was playing the songs right. I only had a week or so to learn the band catalogue. I didn’t think about either the audience or the band members, all that I thought was ‘I don’t want to f**k up the songs’… Rather, they were worried. I remember that right from my first show, as the set was being prepared, the guys used to ask how was I feeling. I used to tell them: ‘Why do you keep asking me this? I am fine’. Then they would be, ‘No, it is a big stage, big crowd’. I guess they were more nervous,”

On Axl Rose

“He is incredibly talented. He is a talented singer, writer and a performer. Usually artists these days don’t have all three. They can either sing well and are too shy to perform or they are only good writers,”

You can read the rest of the Interview over here http://www.asianage.com/music/axl-rose-incredibly-talented-379

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Can you blame him?

He has said the same thing for years though.

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Like most people who have been in the band Guns N' Roses, Gilby is one of those who wasn't part of releasing new material (outside of "TSI?", and that was just covers). I feel bad for him and other former and current members who fall under that category. They just played other peoples' music.

I really like the story of Axl bumping into him at a club and then nonchalantly going up to Gilby and performing some music with him. Helps show that he at least had some sort of friendship and connection with the band despite not being part of original music with the group. I mean, he wasn't even in on the SFTD cover, lol

and he replaced the guy behind a ton of classic GN'R material. Poor guy

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