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PS4 advice


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Thinking getting one just dont know what the lowdown is. On 360 I know what to get.

What bundle do I need?

Do I need 500GB memory?

Headsets, PSN is free?

I'm considering going rogue. Do they breakdown is warranty needed?

Any hidden tricks or anything. I don't want to buy it and go shit I shoulda got 500gb or bluray player.

The guy in shop knows nothing. He doesn't even know what a router is. Does PSN work easily?

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Also, if you didn't already had a chance to try one yourself, it might be a good idea to first play it at a friend's house and then decide.

Personally I don't regret my decision of buying it early, and Andrew is right. That bundle sounds like a good deal if you like Uncharted.

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I can get one from an "independent retailer" for 2000rmb. No bundle, purely rogue. Maybe one controller.

But i feel like Sony store is safer. I actually want the Borderlands 2 with Prequel game all content.

I heard u can get 1tb.

Yeah new games is good. Battlefront too. 360 isnt really doing new stuff. Im playing games from 5 years ago.

Im back from the nightmare of disconnecting my internet connection with a static Ip. Well I turned off dhcp to do that. Them all the menus are in chinese. I opened dmz just open ports for halo 4. But still moderate and no internet. Genius. Then couldnt work out how to reset wifi settings. Automatic settings forever.

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In terms of games Until Dawn is awesome in particular if your into horror films (slashers to be exact) and Bloodborne is a old school hack and slash game with a ton of depth. It's very similar to the Souls games. Rocket League is another exclusive(at least I think it is?) it's fantastic, very fun game. Is certainly a game to pass the time.

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Plus if you're into artsy games like The Last Guardian, it looks like it's finally going to be released on Sony's current system. It's my most anticipated game on ps4. Uncharted 4 a close second.

But yeah, with Playstation Plus and all these AAA titles that require a lot of HD space, you're probably gonna need at least the 500 gb version, and if you can find a good deal for the 1 TB version, I say go for it.

PS4 is probably gonna be supported for 10 years. Long term investment.

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I could wait. I went to the Sony store and they had some flyers for what they are selling. I think 1 TB and PS4 plus will happen. The Uncharted bundle maybe next year if I can hold on. Or Battlefront bundle, 1tb, ps4 plus, pimp white.

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