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Did Slash play on Michael Jackson's "Ghost" song?


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is morphine the song where there is a piano part and michael keeps singing DEMEROL... DEMEROL... OH GOD HES TAKING DEMEROL

is it that one?



i remember when michael jackson died there were a lot of reports mentioned that he was killed by demerol

reports mentioned that he was addicted to it (or that he ODd on it, or both, i cant remember precisely)

and there was an article that discussed that MJ had written and released this song morphine like a decade before with these words DEMEROL, DEMEROL... i couldnt believe it

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Someone's playing rhythm guitar on it.

On Morphine? I don't hear any rhythm guitar on that song.

Ghosts. A lot of songs you can't tell what's real guitar and what was composed on a keyboard anyway, and what was buried in the mix unless you have really good headphones to hear everything in detail.

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Ghosts is amazing but Slash didn't play on it. On morphine think Slash plays industrial sounding guitar as on DS, but yes, it's all sliced up.

Michael Jackson was addicted to pain medications since he had terrible burning accident in 1980s. That was the turning point for him, behaviour wise, I believe.

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