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Rowan Atkinson divorced on grounds of his 'unreasonable behaviour'


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Actor Rowan Atkinson's wife has been granted a divorce on the grounds of his "unreasonable behaviour" after he left her for a comedy actress half his age.

The Mr Bean and Blackadder star was not present at the 65-second proceedings in central London.

Estranged wife Sunetra was granted a decree nisi against the 60-year-old by a district judge at the Central Family Court.


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Fry grew up in the 1980s when everyone was gay - especially the upper classes. Yuppies would marry into 'society' and be having it off with each other and they wouldn't see themselves as 'gay'. He describes going to all these posh gay clubs when Frankie Goes to Hollywood was the rage.

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I don't know what Rowan Atkinson getting a divorce has to do with pussy, marijuana, Thornton Heath, guitar or Rick and Morty? - I mean, I'm struggling to see a point to this thread/piece of news; if I'm honest.

at somepoint I had the same dealer is Rowan and he said he used to beat his girlfriend up. I said something like why? And he said because hes a fucking asshole. Remember saying he doesnt seem like that bad.

I once had the same dealer as Richard Blackwood.

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Snakepit's world is a world of fried chicken/kebab shops with grease running down the walls it would make you sick to just enter; grubby backstreet drug deals; mosques burgeoning at the seams with ISIS literature. Maybe they will make a Grand Theft Auto game out of your life? Grand Theft Auto: Thornton Heath.

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Is there any real cockneys left?

Me you asshole -- which makes my dick one of the more sought after dicks in the 'hood...

Life is great!


Also, Thornton Heath, Croydon NEVER chimed to the sound of bow bells. - My own father though, was.

So ow's your belly full of spots then?

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