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Vicky Hamilton" I was texting with Slash and he says the GN'R tour isnt happening"

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Vicky Hamilton

31 mins · Los Angeles, CA ·

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Ok...was texting with Slash who is on tour...he says the GNR tour isn't happening...so that's all I know... your guess is as good as mine...


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By far the most reliable source here. But we don't know what the texts say. Was it a "no never," "we haven't even spoken about it," "won't rule it out but no immediate plans," etc.

This isn't the death of hope. The fact Slash admitted he and Axl were speaking is 5,000 times better than Slash being a cancer. We couldn't realistically expect anything until summer 2016 earliest. Plus you know how paranoid the GNR world is. Maybe she was plugged by TB to post that.

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