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Shackler's Revenge solo edit. (Buckethead's Revenge)

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Didn't know what subforum to put this in

1st half of the solo was from a live soundboard of The Shores of Molokai, everything else was from a soundboard (of the same show) of Meta Matic.

The 1st of half sounded weird to me (out of key, though the rhythm technically isn't), so I pitch shifted it up from G flat (soundboard key) to a B (SR key) and put a separate track for it below the others. Sounds obviously pitch shifted but you get the general melody

Without Vocals

With Vocals


Pitch shifted

What do you think?

Edit: I like the outro solo ((the killswitch part) more than anything out of this edit (and the ending of the solo actual), however Ron's outro tapping on the album version was great, i just didn't like the other "outro solo" layer that comes in layer sounds to typical of an outro lead (just like his outro lead part on I.R.S. after BH's solo).

Not bashing on Ron's solo part, just a fan edit because I'm not skilled on guitar to recreate Buckethead's original solo that bleeds slightly through the multitrack mix

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What's this? Another layer in the song? What's the point in having it in if you can't listen to it?

It's been 7 years and I didn't know this was there. Or is it a scraped solo that didn't make it to the final cut?

It isn't part of the actual song, just a fan edit using other buckethead performances

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