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Songs of their solo careers the original guys could play on reunion tour?

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Okay, so I'm dreamin'... Lets say this reunion actually happens. Would you be cool if whoever plays in the reunion plays a song from their own solo catalogue? I think that would add an extra element to the live gigs. I'm thinking don't play any CD era songs and just do the pre-CD era songs that the guys were involved with and a song of their own. What would you choose to like to hear them up on stage playing live?

I'll start it off - I reckon Izzy's Sweet Caress is an awesome song and one I would love to hear Axl do back-up vocals on.

If you haven't heard it check it out:

Any songs you would like to hear live with the other guys, Slash, Duff, Izzy's solo career & therefore with the other fellas and Axl's live involvement ?

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Axl Rose - Chinese Democracy, Madagascar

Slash - Jizz Da Pit, Back from Cali

Duff McKagan - I Love You

Slash's version of New GN'R or Axl Rose singing Myles Kennedy... Plus the sound those people make when they play in Eb.

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I don't think they should... but if they had to:

- Slash: By The Sword with Axl or Mean Bone with Duff while Axl rests

- Duff: Dead Skin or Want To

- Axl: Realistically speaking, I could see Slash playing IRS or TIL tops...

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The other people's songs thing would raise an interesting financial situation in the case of of reunion. Arguably if a GNR featuring Slash and Duff were to play CD songs live it would increase exposure and sales via a new audience but out of the three only Axl will get royalties for this. Would it be only fair in that situation to then feature Slash/Duff solo work (maybe VR era) to give them the same boost?

Maybe neither side would care about this but it is potentially a consideration.

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How many times we have already discussed this?

Steven - Alive, Fading, Waterfall, The one you hated, Good to be bad.

Izzy - Sweet Caress, Gotta Say, Shuffle it all.

Duff - We win, dead skin.

Gilby - Cure or Kill me, Tijuana Jail, Dead Flowers.

Slash - Anastasia, You're A lie, Promise, Crucify the dead, Ghost, Gotten. I would like to see Axl also singing on Bent to fly, wicked stone, The Dissident, but it would be weird cause Myles sounds perfect on them.

Axl - This I Love, Better, There was a time, Madagascar, Street of dreams.

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