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Guitar book Slash used.


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Hey i remember reading or watching a vid where Slash talked about a guitar (lesson) book he used back in the day.

But i can't find that article/vid maybe 1 of you guy/girls will and can help?

I was just watching this the other day...

Can't find it right now. I thought it was on youtube but it's not in my history. I'll look more tomorrow.

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10 minutes ago, KATromp said:

You can actually download the book here: https://www.hightail.com/download/UlRTNU1GUnJ0QTAwTWNUQw

It has the pages of the book as jpg's and the mp3's of the record. 

There's also a video on youtube of the lessons and the two songs: https://youtu.be/9TJh2qqkBB4

Hope that helps.

thanks a lot man!

going to print this and bind it, then use for practise. awesome.

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just done a quick first read through this book and the accompanying music files. wow, this book is the real deal. i think i have 12 or so books on blues lead guitar but this one beats them all easily. brilliant explanation on the boxes. i can see why Slash used this. also, i can see some of Slash's trademarks clearly finding their origins in this book. particularly the bluesy improv on the song "snaker" (i dont make this up, the song really is called "snaker". slash obviously loves snakes and snakepit does ring some bells too).

this will get thorough study for the next couple of weeks.

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