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We're giving away 10 MYGNRFORUM T-Shirts!

All you have to do is make at least one post in this thread on the following subject:

Tell Santa what you want from GN'R in 2016

Only 1 entry allowed per user, but you're welcome to post as much as you like in the thread. Just make sure your first post answers the question above.

Winners will be drawn at random on 12/29/2015, you will receive a PM asking for shipping & sizing information following the drawing.


Congratulations to the following winners of the December 2015 MYGNRFORUM T-Shirt Contest!






Strange Broue





Winners will be contacted via PM. In order to claim your shirt, you need to provide the following information:

  • A name (doesn't have to be your name, but something we can put on the mailer)
  • Address (again, doesn't have to be your address, but somewhere the package can be delivered and be retrieved by yourself)
  • Size preference
  • Slogan preference ("Hooray for Tolerance" or "This shirt is better than the old one")

In the effort to remain transparent, this was how the winners were selected:

Congratulations to the winners and thanks for who played. Looks like Santa might come through on some of your holiday wishes!

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I wish GN'R would call David Bowie and probably Freddie Mercury (kappa lol) to make a song together, along with Izzy, Slash, Duff, and Steven/Matt/Duff on Drums.

I really wish Freddie would collaborate ??

What a talent he was.

EDIT: Axl on vocal too of course.

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To see any members of Guns n' Roses, past or present, but particularly past, perform in my front room or at a local community music pace - invite only (with me invited, of course.). And they must perform T.W.A.T at full volume. That would be most amusing.

One can dream...

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Dear Santa. I've been a good boy so this year for Christmas, in regard to GN'R,please make the following happen. Thanks in advance.

A reunion with at least Axl,Slash and Duff along with Izzy if he'll do it and Adler/Sorum sharing drum duties. I'd also like a brand new album written exclusively by the AFD 5.

Winning the shirt will be sweet so that I can alternate the new one with my old one while I continue my quest of getting pictures with everyone who has ever been in GNR that is still alive.

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