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Star Wars - Actually this is the Driod I'm looking for


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Drunk post?

It's a testament to your constitution that according to witnesses reports you can drink like Richard Harris but despite that i don't think I've ever seen a post from you that was anything less than coherent. If you don't mind me asking what are you, i mean like background-wise, like Irish American, German American? I ask because i feel it might offer some clue to your talents. Perhaps you just have better things to do than post on here when you're bladdered :lol:

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I'm double careful me, if you dont look at least 30 i aint interested, what with all this shit about 'muslim rape gangs' in the papers i ain't taking no fuckin' chances mate, it's actually made me nervy about even approaching girls, fuck it, they can do the work, no birds worth doing a fuckin' 10 stretch over :lol:

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If they don't have false teeth, I'm already nervous. Best to err on the side of caution, yes?

I'm quite serious y'know, I mean fuck that for a lark, imagine chatting up some bird and her getting the hump with you, all she has to do is pop down the local constabulary and go 'he was big and brown and scary and he talked about Islam, i was terrified!' :lol: I've actually had people do shit like that, rented a flat once to this bird and her boyfriend which belonged to the local mosque and she basically didnt wanna pay her last months rent, there was this big to do and she ended up going 'oh by the way, i found a Qu'ran in here with a picture of the twin towers in it when we moved in' and i was like right, OK, so you held onto that bit of information for 3 years until you wanted to get out of paying your last months rent yeah? People come out with some bollocks sometimes :lol:

Self preservation, thats what it's all about, I'd wager there's many an innocent twat behind bars looking gormless cuz he or she didn't have sense enough to see a wrong un comin'.

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