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Freedom of speech won't feed my children


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I wish you wouldnt give threads cryptic titles and then bung a 7 minute video on there, means i have to watch a a couple of minutes of shite before i know whether its a bollocks thread, just give us a little typed rundown eh, then i can cast my eye over it quickly and see whether its worth my attention but dont stick a 7 minute video of some yank talking like a cunt, Propaganda Games, what the fucks that?

EDIT: see i had to sit through almost two minutes of that, the Chinese are fascists, i get it, couldn't you've put 'check out this scary video about how the Chinese are a bunch of state control nutbags' that way I could've not bothered with it? Help your fellow forumers Snakes :lol:

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The Chinese are corrupt as fuck man but we all knew that check out this litter hidden in a pair of Primark socks this has apparently been a regular occurrence.


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