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I've never been diagnosed or even seen anyone regarding depression. But I do know that I get down a lot and it's likely weather related. But does anyone ever get depressed usually after a happy or fun time? I've heard it referred to as "Happiness Hangover". Is this considered a legitimate form of depression. Is it serious or minor?

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I'm not sure. I do think that a lot of this can be dealt with within oneself though, or at least thats how i work personally, probably doesn't apply to everyone else. The human experience is generally a flatline thing i reckon, happiness is transient, thats why it's so valuable, being happy all the time is akln to some kind of mental defficency. I remember being exstatic for no good reason on acid once, remember thinking 'wow, wouldn't it be fucked up if i just never left this feeling', it's like being imprisoned in one emotion, sounds like hell.

I don't think I could ever get seriously depressed, to the point where it's suicidal, I'm too much of a bastard, if i ever felt like the world'd be better off without me it'd be more incentive than ever to stay alive, just to fuck the world up that little bit more :lol:

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I've been doped on various anti-depressants for years now. You rarely experience feelings of ecstatic happiness or deep depression on the meds, you just flatline, meander on feeling largely indifferent to the world. It is in and of itself a kind of depressing way to exist, but I know for a fact if I had never taken them I would have killed myself by now (that's how bad my depression was).

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'been there done that, lost my shirt'...

All I can say is... Age matters... Might not be what you want to hear but... It's not something that gets better with time, it only worsens, I've read posts over years of posting my experience online that they wouldn't wish, in my case, bipolar disorder, on to their worse enemy but... That's me, a person who, at a young age never even heard of bipolar, and anti depressants I heard about reminded me of Nirvana! lithium... I can say...

Do what makes YOU happy.

Forget about heart breakers, those who abandoned you... DO NOT TAKE THINGS INTO YOUR OWN HANDS AND BE A MASS MURDERING ASSHOLE IN THE NEWS! ! ! ! ! ! ! - 4real :). but forget about it, just be happy, if you can, get some alone time too, just you time/if you want; go out there and mingle, just think of something that motivates you and try to interact, do what you want to do, but as I say, age has a lot to do with it, it seems.

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