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The Comic Book Thread


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I noticed there isn't a thread for this in the forum and I can't be the only one who reads comics here so what do you guys read ? Whats the rarest book/s you own?

I read Deadpool,Batman and Mortal Kombat X at the moment the rarest books I have are deadpool #1 Hulk #181 ( most recent addition ) and the tomb of Dracula #10

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I was a big comic and Mad Magazine fan in my youth. I used to walk a couple of miles through the woods to the local stationary stores in my little rural town each month to get the latest issues of Mad Magazine, Lost in Space and Magnus the Robot fighter comics. I got to know exactly the week the new comics would be in the stores and looked forward to the trip into town........

My parents threw out all my old comics when I moved out but I still have my old Mad Magazines. The oldest issues are from the 1960's and numbered in the 90's I got from my cousin so they are pretty old. May be worth a few bucks but they are well read so probably not worth a lot.

For Nostalgia reasons I also started collecting the old Lost in Space and Magnus comics and have full sets but don't think they are worth big money although the early issues are worth a few bucks.

I also was a Superman and Fantastic Four fan and bought those comics as well when my meager allowance allowed.

These days the only comic I read is Walking Dead but then again they are called "graphic novels" these days I think............

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I collect comic books. Coolest issue I have is Detective Comics 27.

I would love to have that issue I'm a huge batman fan have you read Frank Miller's new Dark Knight run?

Nope. I was reading Scott Snyder/Greg Capulo's Batman but have scaled back on my comic book subscriptions. Running out of room for comics, but will have to check Frank Miller's Dark Knight. The DC Comics 27 is a 1980s Oreo "send in the box top" reprint. Would be cool to own an original copy, though it would cost a lot of $$$$$.

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I've been reading DK III and it's just OK. It's pretty obvious that Frank Miller has very little to do with it, unfortunately. But that still slapped his name on the cover to drive up sales.

To be honest I am not a massive Frank Miller fan I get slated a lot for it at work but his dark knight art work just doesn't appeal to me as for DKIII it just seems there milking the last of the Batman hype from the previous movies before Batman VS Superman

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It's not "fashionable" to like Frank Miller's post 80s work. The current crop of comics fans (tumblr assholes) have been calling him a "misogynist old creepy asshole who sucks" and "even his old stuff sucks if you re-read it" and on and on. Pages of this shit.

Frank Miller is one of the top ten comic book creators of all time. That's a fact, not an opinion. I can't overstate the influence he's had on the industry. Do you like all those Batman movies that have made BILLIONS of dollars around the world? They'd never have existed without Miller.

"Oh but Sin City is just misogynistic and he dared to express his opinion that Occupy Wall Street were a bunch of fucking hooray for tolerance!s, and he's published a book where Batman maims a bunch of Islamic terrorists as revenge for 9/11......so he's obviously a fucking dirty scumbag out of touch piece of shit."

Anyway....I think he's a national treasure and even though he may have lost his mind a little in his old age, I love his stuff over whatever garbage is being published nowadays.

In my teens, I used to read dozens of books a month, mostly super heroes. Batman, Wovlerine, and Iron Man were my favorites. But after a few decades of reading the same stories over and over, I got bored with suepr hero stuff.

The only books I'm currently reading are Saga, They're Not Like Us, Fight Club 2 (pretty shitty unfortunately) Marvel's Miracleman reprint, and Optic Nerve when it comes out.

I don't bother with super hero stuff anymore unless Miller is involved. And the "other" Millar, Mark Millar, is great too. Loved his Ultimates stuff.

PS...all time classics every comic book reader MUST read: Watchmen, Sandman, Preacher, Y: The Last Man, Dark Knight Returns, Daredevil: Born Again

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Why do people hate Batman so much??? I don't mean a whole DC VS Marvel battle or anything like that, but I mean the people within the comic multiverse itself like the citizens of Gotham and their police force. I just finished watching The Dark Knight Returns and it seems everyone (including the President Of The United States) want to get rid of Batman-"forever" (no pun intended). They even send out Superman to bring him to justice. I mean if you're the mayor of a city and had villains similar/like Mr. Freeze or The Joker running around, which none of your police force can stop, while having some masked vigilante bringing them to justice and doing what the police can't do, why go after that masked vigilante? I know some Batman adaptations have him working with the police, but some like The Dark Knight Returns don't and portray him as an evil.

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I was a huge comic book fan as a kid, and still own literally thousands of books of all descriptions. The last 20 years or so, I barely picked up a book other than the odd occasion I've shown my collection to my kids.

Lately I've started buying and reading digital copies of old and new comics. Obviously not the same as holding a book,but certainly saves on space.

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